Past Awesome Associates

June/July 2015: James Waller (Cornelia Location)

James Waller June July 2015 Congratulations to James Waller, our Habersham Hardware Awesome Associate for the months of June and July. James currently  works in the Garden Center at the Cornelia location and has been working here since April of 2015. James' co-workers say that he is  an absolute pleasure and his work ethic is unrivaled. James is always dependable, has a great attitude, and does whatever he is  asked to do. He is always pleasant and ready to assist whether it be to help make selections with garden plants, flowers, or load all  the mulch that you need. He has a very down to earth personality and that is what contributes to his amazing customer service.  James is a delight to have here working at The Hardware and we're lucky to have him.

 Thank you James for all the work you do for Habersham Hardware, it definitely doesn't go unnoticed!



April/May 2015 - Russ Loggins (Clarksville Store)

Russ LogginsCongratulations to Russ Loggins, Habersham Hardware's Awesome Associate for the months of April and May. Russ is currently the manager of the Clarksville location. He has been with Habersham for almost 40 years! He is retiring at the end of April and saying that we are sad to see him go would be an extreme understatement. Russ has embodied an ideal Habersham employee over his many years of devote service. 

Russ has been an integral part of the building the Habersham brand as a whole. His work ethic always inspires the employees around him. Habersham has definitely been a better place with Russ around. Thank you, Russ, for everything you do for Habersham Hardware! All of your hard work definitely doesn't go unnoticed!



February/March 2015 - Jo Gibbs (Clarkesville Store)

Habersham Hardware Feb/March 2015 Awesome Associate--Jo GibbsCongratulations to Jo Gibbs, Habersham Hardware's Awesome Associate for the months of February and March. Jo is known to greet every customer with a smile and an accommodating attitude. She matches the items to the customer request no matter what the product--whether that is a Big Green Egg or outdoors equipment, she's always helpful.

Jo has been an integral part of the setup and remodels of the Georgia stores. Thank you, Jo, for everything you do for Habersham Hardware! All of your hard work definitely doesn't go unnoticed!




December 2014/January 2015 - Larry Sosebee (Clarkesville Store)

Habersham Hardware Dec. '14/Jan. '15 Awesome Associate--Larry SosebeeCongratulations to Larry Sosebee, Habersham Hardware's Awesome Associate for the month of December. Larry has been a Sales Associate at Habersham for over 28 years. Larry's personality is infectious and his coworkers love to work with him. The amount of hard work that he puts in on a daily basis is outstanding. He says his favorite part of the job is interacting and working with his co-workers.

When Larry isn't at work, he enjoys working around the house and yard. He especially loves to fix and mess around with his cars!

Thank you Larry for everything you do for Habersham, it wouldn't be the same place without you!






October/November 2014 - Sharron Allen (Cornelia Store)

Habersham Hardware Oct./Nov. 2014 Awesome Associate Sharron Allen

Congratulations to Sharron Allen, Habersham Hardware's Awesome Associate for the months of October and November! Sharron has been working with us for over 13 years; she is a sales associate in Lawn and Garden and also manages parts inventory. Her favorite part of the day is waiting on the customers. She loves the face to face interaction with the customers, especially when she is responsible for their satisfaction.

When Sharron isn't working, she loves to spend time with her children and friends. She says being around her children is an immense joy and she adores spending any few minutes with them.

Thank you, Sharron, for all you do for Habersham Hardware!


August/September 2014 - Teresa Delaigle (Cornelia Store)

Habersham Hardware Awesome Associate for Aug. / Sept. 2014: Teresa DelaigleCongratulations to Teresa Delaigle, the Habersham Hardware Awesome Associate for August/September. Teresa is a sales associate at the Cornelia store and has been with the company for over 33 years! She works in the garden center as well as other departments. She is extremely knowledgeable and loves helping customers find what they need.

Teresa loves gardening and canning and is particularly knowledgeable in both of these areas. Her co-workers sometimes tease her for being the ‘canning queen’ because of her expertise. But beyond this, Teresa has a positive attitude and has shown great flexibility by helping out in a variety of places that the team has needed. She says her favorite part of the job is meeting customers because she is a people person.

Congratulations on being the newest Awesome Associate for Habersham Hardware, and thank you, Teresa, for all you do!


June/July 2014 - Becky Anderson  (Cornelia Store)

Habersham Hardware June/July 2014 Awesome Associate: Becky Anderson

Congratulations to Becky Anderson, Habersham Hardware's Awesome Associate for the months of June/July. Becky has worked for Habersham Hardware for almost fourteen years and is currently the head of the plumbing and electrical department. The thing she loves most about her job is the customers. She enjoys how many nice and interesting people come into the store.

Outside of work Becky enjoys spending time with her two grandchildren and fishing for "anything I can catch."

Thank you, Becky, for all you do!




May 2014 - Eugene Hooper (Cornelia Store)

Habersham Hardware May 2014 Awesome Associate: Eugene HooperCongratulations to our May Awesome Associate, Eugene Hooper! Eugene works at the Cornelia store and has been with the company for 29 years. He started driving a delivery truck and moved into sales after two years. Now he works in purchasing as well as sales for the pro contractor department.

Eugene loves the relationships with customers and co-workers that he has been able to build over his time at Habersham. "It's like a second family at work because you spend most of your waking time with these people." As a supervisor, one of his best qualities is that he never asks anything of his employees that he would not be willing to do himself.

Outside of work, Eugene loves to spend time with his wife and three grandchildren (ages seven, four, and three months). He also loves to works on cars and once restored a '73 Corvette.

Thank you, Eugene, for all you do!


April 2014 - Leon Brock & Ronnie Roberts (Cornelia Store)

Habersham Hardware Awesome Associates: Leon Brock and Ronnie RobertsCongratulations to our Awesome Associates, Leon Brock and Ronnie Roberts! Leon and Ronnie are both Outside Sales Associates at our Cornelia location and have been with Habersham a combined 31 years! Together they helped organize our Contractor Appreciation Night, and made sure it was a great success! While Ronnie was busy talking with contractors and vendors, Leon was the man on the BBQ, making sure everyone had a plate full of delicious food!

Outside of Habersham Leon likes to keep busy helping family with their next project and brushing up on his skills as a builder. Ronnie has been known to have quite the green thumb, and enjoys spending time with his family tending to their garden!

Thank you, Leon and Ronnie, for all that you both do!




February 2014 - Jeff Byrd (Clarkesville Store)

Jeff Byrd -- Habersham Hardware Awesome Associate for Feb. 2014Congratulations to Jeff Byrd, our February Awesome Associate! He's the Tool Manager at our Clarkesville location and has been with us for 16 years. Through his tenure at Habersham Hardware, he's come to know most of his customers on a first name basis and enjoys helping them finish all of their projects, big or small. He said there's never a dull moment at the store, and loves the fact that customers can rely on him and his knowledge to choose the best products.

Outside of work, Jeff likes spending time with his family traveling to different locations and seeing all the sights they can along the way. He's also play the trombone in his church's orchestra!

Thank you, Jeff, for all that you do!




January 2014 - Bo Brady (Cornelia Store)

Bo Brady--Habersham Hardware Awesome Associate for Jan. 2014Congratulations to our January Awesome Associate, Bo Brady! He's the Lawn & Garden Manager at our Cornelia location and has been with us since 1987. In his 27 years with Habersham Hardware, he has become quite the familiar face and most customers know him on a first name basis. His title may be misleading since when we interviewed him, he was in the middle of a plumbing job for a customer. Bo's always been happy to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Away from work, Bo enjoys spending time with his wife and two teenage daughters. He's always been an avid outdoorsman, but in the past few years he's given up fishing due to the fact that he "got tired of just feeding fish" on his weekends, though you'd be hard pressed to find him indoors no matter the weather.

Thank you, Bo, for all that you do! 


December 2013 - Kathy Gulley (Cornelia Store)

Kathy Gulley--Habersham Hardware Awesome Associate for Dec. 2013Our Awesome Associate for the month of December is our always smiling, Kathy Gulley! Kathy has been with us almost 15 years and we couldn't be happier to have her as part of our team. She's a cornerstone of Habersham Hardware, and handles all of our accounts payable/receivable. She spends most of her day on the phone with a variety of different vendors and customers alike.

Away from Habersham Hardware, she enjoys spending time unwinding with her family and friends. If she's not immersed in a new book, she'll probably be watching some of her favorite movies or television shows.

Thank you, Kathy, for all that you do!



November 2013 - Ronnie Roberts (Cornelia Store)

Ronnie Roberts--Habersham Hardware Awesome Associate for November 2013Congratulations to our November Awesome Associate, Ronnie Roberts! Ronnie has been with us since 1995 and has proven to be a key facet of our company in his 18 years here. If you've ever needed or ordered any type of building supplies at our Cornelia location, chances are you've come across his smiling face! If he's not behind the counter, you can see him running around the store helping customers pick out just the right items for their next project.

When Ronnie's not working, he enjoys spending quality time with his family. From what we hear, he's got quite the "green thumb" from working on his small farm at home with his two children.

Thank you, Ronnie, for all you do!


October 2013 - Michael "Mike" Gano (Clarkesville Store)

Mike Gano: Oct. 2013 Habersham Hardware Awesome AssociateCongratulations to Michael "Mike" Gano, our Awesome Associate for October! Mike has been an outstanding member of the Habersham Hardware team for 10 years. He's an incredibly hardworking employee whose dedication to his job showed through as soon as we told him he was selected as an Awesome Associate; his reply "That's great! Can we talk in 10 minutes? I'm helping a customer right now." Way to go Mike! Day to day, Mike does a little bit of everything in the store, from helping with the register to placing orders, and helping with our building supply desk. He says that his favorite part of the job is getting to know the customers and helping them get through their next project.

When not at Habersham Hardware, Mike likes to spend time with his wife and son, reading, watching movies and just spending quality time together.

Thank you, Mike, for all that you do!


September 2013 - Randy Barrett (Cornelia Store) 

Randy Barrett--Habersham Hardware September 2013 Awesome AssociateOur Awesome Associate for September is Randy Barrett of our Cornelia location! For almost 24 years Randy has been an integral part of our paint department and we can't imagine anyone else could do a better job. In fact, if you have any kind of paint question, we're sure Randy is the best person to talk to—from color matching to knowing which tools are right for your application, he has the experience and know-how to get your on your way fast. 

More than just a great paint-guy, Randy is truly a people-person. "I really enjoy dealing with customers and contractors. If I didn't, I wouldn't have lasted here 24 years!" Randy laughs, "I'm really thankful that I get paid for this!" 

When he's not at Habersham Hardware, Randy spends his time with his wife and playing with "the light of his life," his 10 year old son. He also enjoys hunting. 

Thank you, Randy, for all that you do!


August 2013 - Wanda Sims (Clarkesville Store)

Wanda Sims--August '13 Awesome Associate for Habersham HardwareSmiles, smiles, smiles! If you've been to our Clarkesville location, it's more than likely that the smiling cashier who helped ring up your purchase was our Awesome Associate for August, Wanda Sims. A true people-person, Wanda knows how to make a customer feel special and uses her unique charm and grace to help get people what they need and get on their way quickly, while still feeling cared for.

And if being an Awesome Associate wasn't enough, this month is extra special because it also marks Wanda's 17th anniversary as a Habersham Hardware employee. Wow—17 years! That is true dedication and something to be proud of. We couldn't imagine the store without you, Wanda!

When Wanda isn't at Habersham Hardware, she enjoys spending time playing with/chasing after her 20 month old grandson.

Thank you, Wanda, for all that you do!


July 2013 - Josh Reid (Cornelia Store)

Josh Reid--July '13 Awesome Associate for Habersham HardwareJosh Reid is this month's Awesome Associate! For over 9 years Josh has been working in the Cornelia location's warehouse area, serving our customers with a smile on his face. And that's not just lip-service—we've actually had multiple compliments from customers about Josh's customer service skills, friendly attitude, and the positive approach he takes to his job. Way to represent Habersham Hardware, Josh!

And Josh's dedication doesn't end with the customers; he's the epitome of a team player too. For example, while you will mainly see Josh in the warehouse loading customer orders and making sure everyone is well taken care of, you will also see him happily doing other 'chores', like cutting the grass, that make the company look good. As Josh put it, "We're like a family here—even the customers who have been coming here for years are like my second family. So anything that makes the company better for the customers, I'll do it!"

During his down time, Josh enjoys reading and watching movies, but spending time with his wife and two daughters is where is heart is. "They are my life."

Thank you, Josh, for all that you do!


June 2013 - Willie Mae Crocker (Cornelia Store)

Willie Mae Crocker - May '13 Habersham Hardware Awesome AssociateWillie Mae Crocker is Habersham Hardware's first Awesome Associate! Having worked here part-time for over 35 years, Willie Mae is a customer favorite for her sweet demeanor and helpful attitude. Funny thing is, when she came into the store looking for work all those years ago, she never thought she would be hired!

According to Willie Mae, she came in on a Thursday and spoke to the manager, making it clear she only wanted part time work. Surprised at her request for less than full-time status, the manager sent her away, telling her he would speak to then-owner, Paul Reeves, and get back to her. At that point, Willie Mae was sure she'd never work for Habersham Hardware and would have to continue her job search elsewhere. But to her surprise, the next day she received a call asking if she could start on Monday! Since then, Willie Mae has been a priceless employee, working on the phone, reconciling accounts, and providing superior customer service—we couldn't be happier Mr. Reeves took a chance on her as she has more than proved her value to the company.

When Willie Mae isn't at Habersham Hardware, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren (usually camping), traveling with her husband, and playing cards.

Thank you, Willie Mae, for all that you do!